Magnetic Plaster


Magnetic Wall

Help bring your walls to life with Magnetic Plastering. Turn any wall in any room into an inspiring interactive gallery or notice board that you can change as often as you like, no fuss, no mess.


For Work 

An asset to any home office, a Magnetic Wall can help you organise your thoughts, showcase blueprints, and even display your training certificates. Combine with white board paint to create handy working walls for when inspiration strikes. 


For Displays 

Create a unique wall display to showcase your favourite pictures or photographs just how you want them. Then change them all around the very next day. With a Magnetic Wall your kids can have fun with their own personalised spaces.


For Playing & Learning

A fun activity space. An interactive classroom. Kids get both with a Magnetic Wall. They can put up their favourite posters, play educational games or display their latest artwork with ease.  For the kitchen forget the fridge door. Now you can use your kitchen walls for displaying family timetables, reminder notes, important contact information and, of course, takeaway menus! 


HOW  STRONG IS MAGNETIC PLASTER??? Watch this video to see just what you can do with a magnetic wall.

plasterer highpeak, chinley, derbyshire
plasterer highpeak, chinley, derbyshire